Every place deserves a beautiful app.

Create and manage content for your location’s app using Meridian’s web-based tools.

  • Build a cross-platform mobile app from the ground up.

  • Provide indoor location awareness. Mobile app, meet wireless network.

Choose the right tool for the job:

Build a cross-platform mobile app for your location without any technical "know-how".

  • Custom branding

  • Indoor location awareness

  • Location-based offers

  • Indoor turn-by-turn navigation

  • Integrate with existing wi-fi

Use NavKit to infuse your mobile app with the world’s most advanced indoor turn-by-turn navigation.

  • Custom branding

  • Integrate with existing wi-fi

  • Indoor turn-by-turn navigation

  • Use your location's existing app

BluDotKit allows you to provide visitors with their precise location inside your facility. It’s the glowing blue dot...indoors!

  • Show visitors their location

  • Use your location's existing app

  • Integrate with existing wi-fi

With ZoneKit, you can send notifications to visitors based on where they are in your facility.

  • Offer timely promotions

  • Call attention to points of interest

  • Welcome visitors as they enter

  • Use your location's existing app

What customers are building with Meridian:

The first indoor GPS-like app for the American Museum of Natural History

  • Robert Rippee
    SVP of The Venetian | The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino

    “Meridian enables customer experiences to begin long before the guests arrive. For visitors, it means less time spent navigating and more time having fun.”
  • Sandra Bloodworth
    Director of MTA Arts for Transit

    “With Meridian, it's like having our entire art collection in the palm of your hand.”
  • Margaret Coughlin
    SVP and CMO at Boston Children’s Hospital

    “As families balance their busy schedules with their child’s health needs, the Boston Children’s Hospital app powered by Meridian will become an essential tool for many.”

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