• indoor directions

    Turn-by-turn directions to clinicians means fewer missed appointments.

  • food and drink

    Quick & easy access to food and drink options or neighborhood diversions relieves stress for visitors.

  • food and drink

    Integration with staff directories helps patients put names with faces.

Hospitals have long known the value of engaging with their customers. It's no wonder: Hospitals involve very complex buildings and campuses welcoming thousands of new and returning visitors. These customers -- sometimes patients returning or loved ones entering for the first time -- can experience stress and confusion as they attempt to find an appointment, the cafeteria and vending machines or the waiting rooms. Now, Meridian's mobile technology is helping hospitals connect with their visitors in ways that complement other wayfinding tools (such as information desks and signage). With a Meridian-powered app, a hospital can guide visitors to a clinician's department, food & drink options, neighborhood diversions and more. And, because Meridian is a platform, integrating with other hospital systems such as staff directories and social media presences is no sweat.

Hospital Spotlight: Boston Children's Hospital

As families balance their busy schedules with their child’s health needs, Boston Children’s Hospital app powered by Meridian will become an essential tool for many."

- Margaret Coughlin, SVP and CMO at Boston Children’s Hospital

  • flight info

    Access to in-app flight info means no more crowding around monitors.

  • indoor directions

    Turn-by-turn directions to restaurants, gates & facilities alleviates stress for wandering travelers.

  • food and drink

    Browsing info & locations of nearby vendors provides options for travelers with time to kill.

Few venues see more people hastily trying to navigate indoors than airports. In the past, travelers on-the-run could be seen crowding around airports' electronic displays, frantically searching for their gate numbers, while travelers with a layover would wander aimlessly down long terminals hoping to locate the right food or gifts. Today, airports use Meridian-powered apps to help these travelers find their way around, be they in a hurry or with time to burn. Using an app built with Meridian technology, an airport can guide travelers with turn-by-turn directions to gates, dining, retailers, ATMs, restrooms and ground transportation options. Imagine the happiness of a traveler who can use an airport's app to check a flight time, know how far they have to walk to their gate, and discover the one restaurant on the way that carries their favorite cuisine. Meridian's platform approach makes it a breeze to integrate with airport databases of retail and restaurant vendors, flight schedules, and social media accounts.

Airport Spotlight: Portland International Airport

We’ve worked with a few companies who wanted to offer mobile experiences in our airports, but the Meridian Editor is the first to give us control over the look and feel and indoor navigation."

- Teri Loporchio, Senior Manager of Digital Communications for the Port of Portland

  • indoor location

    Knowing a customer's in-store location allows for relevant & timely offers.

  • analytics

    Meridian's analytics provide insight into which products customers search for most.

  • indoor directions

    Turn-by-turn directions to departments, brands, and products make shopping fun & easy.

You have to hand it to the retail industry: While retailers have adapted to e-commerce, they've equally improved their brick-and-mortar experiences. Yet, until recently, the technology industry hasn't truly supported both of these crucial arms of the retail business. That's changing with advances in location-based technology. Retail apps powered by Meridian can connect with shoppers wherever they are: at home searching a retailer's inventory or at the nearest outlet searching for a product on the shelf. Meridian's software is used by retailers to create mobile apps that allow a customer to search for a product and receive turn-by-turn directions to it, while receiving relevant offers depending on the customer's location. And retailers benefit from Meridian's analytics that make sense of how the customer is enjoying the experience from their mobile-web site to their store's floor.

Retail Spotlight: Department Store

A major department store app now uses Meridian to help shoppers navigate through its New York City locations. Get easy directions inside the store to brands, departments and more."

  • personal tour guide

    Rich content surrounding exhibits turns mobile devices into personal tour guides.

  • indoor directions

    Turn-by-turn directions take visitors on their very own personalized journeys through the museum.

  • event calendars

    Integration with event calendars & social media helps visitors keep up with what's happening.

Every industry is thinking about location-based mobile, but guess which industry led the way? Museums and other cultural centers. About a decade ago, museums started connecting with their visitors through mobile apps hosted on rented devices like Pocket PCs and iPAQs. With the arrival of iPhones and Android devices, museums no longer had to own the devices; they could now connect with yours. A long-time partner for museums, Meridian powers apps that allow these cultural centers to engage with their visitors along their journeys. An art museum can use a Meridian-powered app to show you not only images and other helpful multimedia about a work, but also turn-by-turn directions to the work. And many museums find it helpful to use Meridian's platform to integrate event calendars and social media efforts into their apps.

Museum Spotlight: AMNH

We have four city blocks of exhibition space, 26 buildings, 46 halls...Ours is the first indoor-location awareness technology at this scale."

- Linda Perry-Lube, Chief Digital Officer, American Museum of Natural History

  • indoor directions

    Turn-by-turn directions to seats & vendors make intimidating stadiums feel like the backyard.

  • food and drink

    Integration with vendor info helps attendees explore nearby concession offerings.

  • event calendars

    Importing event calendars lets stadiums engage customers even as they use the app at home.

Save for season-ticket holders, most stadium visitors end up wandering, either looking for their seat (on the other end from where they entered), or for the one concession stand that sells something other than beer. And after the event, for an exit besides the one everyone else is crowding through. While a stadium can never hire enough staff to assist all of these attendees, mobile technology can put the answers in customers' own hands. Stadiums with mobile apps powered by Meridian can give attendees turn-by-turn directions to their seats, specific food and drink options, souvenirs, and even public transportation to return home. Meridian also makes it super-simple to import event calendars and other information about a stadiums' entertainment in order to connect with customers when they're away too.

Stadium Spotlight: Jeld-Wen Field

Our supporters are big users of their smart phones, and Meridian’s content management system makes updating our stadium's app for them much easier and economical."

- Cory Dolich, Vice President of Marketing and Business Operations, Portland Timbers

  • indoor directions

    Turn-by-turn directions to conference events means higher session attendence.

  • food and drink

    Info on trade show booths, facilities, & food vendor locations reduces the need for physical signage.

  • custom branding

    Customizing the app & floor plan for each event ensures an accurate & branded experience.

Convention centers maintain complex facilities that host hundreds of massive trade shows and other events. Not to mention food & drink providers, restrooms, information desks and so on. Finding one’s way around these huge spaces has always been a challenge for visitors and exhibitors alike. In the past, convention centers relied solely on signage. Today, Meridian's mobile technology makes it possible to communicate with visitors through their smart phones as well. With a Meridian-powered app, a visitor can receive location-based information and turn-by-turn directions from a specific trade show booth to a conference event and, then, to food & drink vendors when they're seeking a break. And the bevy of trade show and conference organizers who occupy a convention center can quickly and easily customize the mobile app experience to fit their brands and floor layouts.

Conventions Spotlight: Oregon Convention Center

Our convention center is over a million square feet, and Meridian provides an advanced but easy-to-use navigation tool, something we've always needed inside the building."

- Matt Pizzuti, Director of Sales and Marketing, Oregon Convention Center

  • discounts

    In-app offers provide a way to stay connected with customers at home.

  • indoor directions

    Turn-by-turn directions help visitors find their way to restaurants, entertainment & retailers.

  • event calendar

    Imported events keep visitors up-to-date with what's happening.

Across the board, the hospitality industry -- hotels, casinos, resorts, cruise lines, etc. -- studies tactics for engaging customers more than many location-based businesses. Loyalty programs, digital signage, and strategic building layouts are all in the industry's tool box. And that's why it's no surprise the hospitality industry has adopted mobile computing with such fervor. Hospitality companies use mobile apps powered by Meridian to engage their customers both onsite and away. For example, consider a customer receiving a room-discount offer, which they redeem from home via a resort's app. Then, when they visit the resort, they can receive not only more offers but also turn-by-turn directions to participating restaurants, entertainment, and retailers. And of course Meridian's platform approach makes it easy to integrate with mobile-web sites for loyalty programs and social media.

Hospitality Spotlight: The Ventian | The Palazzo

Meridian enables customer experiences to begin long before the guests arrive. For visitors, it means less time spent navigating and more time having fun."

- Robert Rippee, SVP of The Venetian | The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino